Graduate Committee Faculty FAQs


Who can serve on Graduate Committee Faculty?

The Graduate Committee Faculty Guidelines outline the required qualifications for nominees at each membership level. The Graduate Committee Faculty Guidelines can be found here.

How do I nominate someone for Graduate Committee Faculty?

All requests for Graduate Committee Faculty nomination must be submitted through the Graduate Committee Faculty Nomination System found at To access this system your name must appear with access designated on the Authorized Signer form for your unit.

I am in the process of submitting my degree plan, but my committee member does not appear in the DPSS dropdown list.

If you cannot find your desired committee member in the faculty member list in DPSS please contact your unit’s staff graduate advisor to inquire about having them added. Adding a member to Graduate Committee Faculty is a process that is initiated and completed by the department.

I tried to log into the Graduate Committee Faculty system but it says I am not authorized.

Access to the Graduate Committee Nomination System is given only to those indicated on the Authorized Signer form for each unit. If you believe you should have access, please contact your unit head to inquire about being added to this form.
If you are the designated individual to submit and/or approve nominations and you have receive this message, please e-mail to have your access restored. Access to the system is deactivated if you have not logged in in the previous 6 months.

I have a faculty member that will be teaching a course this semester, do I need to submit a nomination for them?

Faculty members that will only be teaching courses do not need to be added to the Graduate Committee Faculty system. Their credentialing will happen through the Dean of Faculties as the course is being approved.

The faculty member has been approved, but they are still not appearing in DPSS.

If the faculty member you have nominated has been approved in the Graduate Committee Faculty system, and they appear in the Graduate Committee Faculty Search, but are not appearing in the Document Processing Submission System, the issue is most likely related to the e-mail we have on file for the faculty member. To appear in the Document Processing Submission System the individual must have a e-mail and must publish this address to the TAMU Directory.

I want to nominate a member to Graduate Committee Faculty who is not at Texas A&M University, what do I need to do?

When nominating a member who is not a part of Texas A&M, you need to make sure a UIN and NetID is requested for this member. To request a UIN, please complete the form located here and submit it to Identity Management. If you have any questions, please contact Identity Management at or 979.862.4300.
You will also need to make sure this member claims their NetID. They can claim their NetID at Once they claim their NetID, they will be given a e-mail and this e-mail will need to be published to the TAMU Directory in order for this member to appear in the Document Processing Submission System.

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