Kyle Field Day

    Posted on Monday, Apr 29, 2019
    Getting into Kyle Field on a warm spring weekend with cool breeze can be amazing, even without the game day vibes. This year is the third time I participate in the Kyle Field Day event, hosted by MSC FISH. Often held in late April, Kyle Field Day is a one-day event where students and community members come together to share our service. It is free and open to the public. Different organizations, both on and off campus, will host booths in Kyle Field, and the participants can choose to help with as many as they want. Once you finish 12 projects, you can go to the “fun zone” to play some games and get a free T-shirt.
    Some of the projects require more time, are more technically demanded or labor intense; and some others are just creative arts and crafts, which are perfect for families with little kids. Every year I go, I learn new things about our community, especially those off campus organizations and their initiatives that are not often heard on campus. It is amazing to meet new people and learn what people are doing in the B/CS community. More importantly, it is always a relaxing study break from the busy April schedule.
    If you are a service based organization that can use some extra hands on your project, please also consider to participate in Kyle Field and host a booth. Here is a list of this year’s organizations and the what they do: Contact the event organizers if you have any questions. See you next year!

    ---Mingqian Liu
    Mingqian Liu is a doctoral student in the Department of Architecture

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