Building Teaching Skills at an R1 University

    Posted on Thursday, Dec 15, 2016
    University professors are known to do 3 things: Research, Teaching, and Service. Most of their day-to-day responsibilities fall within one of these three categories and hopefully their educational backgrounds and training have prepared them to succeed in all three.
    Have you thought about which of these 3 areas are your strongest? Which area(s) needs the more work? Where can you develop your skills in either research, teaching practices, or service-related activities? Hopefully, you have been thinking about these since you started your graduate program here at Texas A&M University and are continuing to seek out resources to improve all three.

    Texas A&M University is categorized as an R1 Research Institution and therefore the majority of training and faculty activity is centered on research. Research is at the core of much of TAMU’s productivity, but I would say teaching and educating is a close second to our research accomplishments and accolades! If you are considering a career in academia then developing a strong research skillset and even stronger teaching portfolio will help elevate your application in the job search process.

    Did you know that it’s possible to become a great educator and teacher while studying at a major RI university?!? Well is this….and Texas A&M University has some of the best teaching resources and experiences to help enhance your skills. I want to share a campus resources which you can use to improve your teaching skills in the higher education classroom, which will also make you more marketable for an academic job post-graduation!

    The TAMU Office of Graduate and Professional Studies and the Center for Teaching Excellence sponsor a graduate and post-doc student organization called The Academy for Future Faculty (AFF)!

    AFF-Logo.pngThe Academy for Future Faculty (AFF) provides professional development for graduate students and post-docs in preparation for a career in higher education. AFF offer a two-semester program anchored by faculty mentorship and featuring weekly seminars and workshops. AFF events are FREE and open to everyone in the Texas A&M University academic community. AFF grants Associate Practitioner Fellow Certifications to individuals who complete the required program elements and honors new fellows during the April banquet each year! AFF is currently accepting new members for the Spring 2017 semester, check our website and SIGN UP TODAY:

    Leigh Szucs | Health and Kinesiology

    Leigh is a PhD candidate in the Department of Health & Kinesiology, pursuing a doctoral degree in Health Education. Her research and teaching experiences focus on the effectiveness of teen pregnancy prevention program (TPP) implementation practices among curriculum-based intervention models.

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