Take Care of Yourself, Cause You’re Worth it…

    Posted on Wednesday, Jul 05, 2017
    Hello my readers, I hope everyone is having a great summer and really getting all the work, which has been assigned to you, in the most effective and fruitful way. Well, as a graduate student that’s what we all strives for right? - Trying to perform the best work in the most effective way.
    And all of this needs a great deal of mental and physical strength. We wake up in the morning, turn on the coffee machine, and start working and keep working for hours. Often times we would skip lunch, dinner and would end up so tired that eating or sleeping properly will just be a second choice. We are all working really hard to earn that graduate or professional degree which would pave a successful career path for us. But what we forget is that, if we do not take care of ourselves, our physical health and our mental health, we actually wouldn’t be able to taste that fruit of success in the most delightful way. So it is important that while in grad school you just don’t keep your brain deep within your work but also give your mind and body some fresh air. 
    I am not a therapist but yet another graduate student like all of you. When I started my graduate program, I would spend 24 * 7 inside my lab. Not going to hang out with friends, not going for a movie, not taking care of my body all added to make me more and more tired and stressed. But then I started seeing some of my senior co-workers who were doing research and equally getting involved in other kind of activities, some for fun, some for staying fit and some to learn something new. And then I realized that its time to bring some basic changes to my routine and aim for a healthier life. Moreover trying out new things would also teach me time management. So, the first thing I did was coming up with a draft routine for my weekdays and my weekends. I would set specific time for sleep and try to get up early and go to work early so that I wouldn’t have to stay up late.
    In my journey of having a better lifestyle, rec center of TAMU played a very important role. The rec has some of the best resources available on campus, which if utilized properly can be very useful. It makes me sad that not many graduate students can be seen at the rec, but trust me there is something to do for everybody in the rec. For some of the semesters I bought their sports pass and would attend the fitness classes. Those classes are so much fun to attend and you end up making so many new friends, which is kind of a win – win situation. Sometimes I would go for a run or swim. Waking up in the morning and dedicating some time for meditation is also a great way to start the day. I find myself filled with a lot of energy when I meditate in the morning. Our body and mind are dependent on us to be taken care of. Just supplying food doesn’t do all the work.
    By bringing these changes to my lifestyle I feel more energized and fresh in my day-to-day work. I hope some of these tips help you guys out too and take care of yourselves, because you are very precious.

    Sreyashree Bose | Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
    Sreyashree is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the department of Biophysics and Biochemistry.

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