Conference in Toronto

    Posted on Friday, Jun 28, 2019
    The Toronto Raptors became champions in the period I made my first trip there, what a nice coincidence! Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario. It has a core of skyscrapers with the iconic CN Tower as the tallest of them all. One aspect my colleagues and I noticed was the mix of old low and medium rise buildings with very tall buildings in the same areas, see picture of old Victorian home close to two very tall skyscrapers.

    The weather was colder than Texas weather. The Toronto dollars is different from USA dollars. Some shops had posts saying “we do not accept USA dollars here.” I was glad that I did some money exchanging at the airport.

    The Ryerson University was our host. Their colors are a beautiful blend of blue and yellow. When I told our host architect how much I admired their shade of yellow color, he quickly responded that it was Ryerson Gold not yellow. It was very amusing to us. A walk by the waterfront saw us discussing on ways the developments at the waterfront could have been laid out. Why was it not optimized like that of Sydney and other areas that focused on the waterfronts rather than having tall apartment buildings compete for views?

    The conference was the Architectural Research Centers Consortium, Inc. (ARCC)Conference. The ARCC is committed to the expansion of research culture and supporting infrastructure in architecture and related design disciplines.

    The conference sessions were educative and encouraging. Presenters were well spoken and their content portrayed the sacrifice behind the scenes. Interaction with participants was pleasant and we have more LinkedIn connections.

    Movement in the city was easy as I made sure to book accommodation close to the school event venue.  I took a bus and then a train from the airport to my hotel when I arrived spending 4 dollars in all. On my way back, I used an uber to the station and a train back to the airport spending 21 dollars. Ground Shuttle of College Station is very helpful during trips. I wish to appreciate them too.
    ---Patricia Kio
    Patricia Kio is a PhD student in the College of Architecture

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