A visit to Villa Finale: Museum & Gardens-San Antonio, Texas

    Posted on Friday, Mar 30, 2018
    I recently visited Villa Finale in the heart of the King William National Historic District. They were having a family night where visitors could participate in a scavenger hunt and create a story using observations of the items in the historic home.
    Villa Finale was the home of local San Antonio preservationist Walter N Matthis, who was instrumental in the revitalization of the King William Neighborhood.
    Villa Finale held its grand opening on September 30, 2010 but the home and its collections have been a part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation since 2004. It is the only National Trust Historic Site in Texas.
    Only the first floor of the home was available to view and were able to tour the sitting rooms, library, dining room, kitchen and bar, and a small pewter room as well. There were so many items to see, especially in Mr. Matthis’ Napoleon collection. The upstairs is accessible by guided tours during regular hours and not during special events.
    The gardens surrounding the home are great as well with several seating areas available to enjoy especially since the property sits right on the famous San Antonio Riverwalk.
    For those that choose to become supporters of Villa Finale as members, they actually have a member’s retreat during the very popular King William Fair, an official Fiesta San Antonio event. Members are able to escape to Villa Finale for a drink or to relax away from the Fair going on in the entire King William Neighborhood.
    As a relatively new San Antonian, I have attended the King William Fair twice now and highly recommend not missing the parade that kicks off the Fair.
    For more information on Villa Finale or the King William Fair, visit:

    Check out some pictures, below!
    Mario Guel
    Mario is a Master of Jursiprudence student at the Texas A&M Law School - San Antonio Center

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