Havelock island (solo trip part-2)

    Posted on Wednesday, May 01, 2019
    Havelock Island (Solo trip part-2)

    Having explored the major parts of Port Blair on day 1, I was ready to board the cruise to Havelock island- a place even more pristine and beautiful. Also, something new I learned about myself on this cruise was, I get sea-sick. While people were jamming on remixes on the deck, I was throwing my guts out. I laid at peace after practically eliminating all fat off my body such that, my abs were visible again! (#silverlining).

    Moving on, I checked into the hotel which surprisingly had Wi-Fi. I later learned, that the speed was, again, 2Gish. No complaints, whatsoever. After renting a scooter, I drove off to one of the 3 most famous beaches of the island – Radhanagar Beach. No Police, no traffic, no signals, lush green forests, huts made of the wood from trees, little kids playing, you name it, the beauty was all around!

    To put things more in perspective, there was not one shopping place on the island and the kids had to move to Port Blair to pursue education. I was already having the best time navigating there. Staying back at 1 beach per day seemed the most relaxing thing ever. I clicked some pictures with my new found abs and returned upon sunset.
    Kala Patthar Beach, Havelock Island

    The next two days, I followed the same itinerary, exploring 1 beach a day, including Kala Patthar beach and Elephant beach. More clicks with abs, snorkeling, swimming and just laying down on white sands, having naturally sweet coconut water (Coconuts were naturally orange y’all!) and just connecting with self.
    Elephant Beach, Havelock Island
    Radhanagar beach, Havelock Island

    I followed the reverse itinerary to fly back. Only this time, my layover was merely 4 hours. But what trip is exciting without having to pray for life! As we entered the skies of Chennai (where I would transfer for Mumbai), the clouds took over and started maneuvering our flight like a child playing with toy planes. With a couple free falls of unknown heights, and circling inside the clouds with no visibility, we landed in Chennai safely. With no surprise, it started raining heavily. This cause a minor delay in my next flight, but upon arrival, I learnt that moments after my departure, the airport was closed because of bad weather. The next three days in Chennai were horrible because of floods. I thanked god for getting me back safe amidst this natural calamity. Eventually, the city recovered quickly to normalcy.

    This trip will always be the most special to me because I learnt how to travel solo, and I’ve been recommending since then to everyone. For once, Go, travel solo!

    For those with financial concerns (like me), I want to inform you that the entire trip (airfare included) cost me $500 from Mumbai. So, what are you waiting for?
    ---Sumit Hasrajani
    Sumit Hasrajani is a Masters studnet attending Mays Business School

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