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The Graduate Council is composed of representatives from the graduate faculty at Texas A&M. The Council develops and maintains policies and procedures pertaining to graduate programs at the university. The Council’s function includes long-range planning, recommendation of new programs and courses, evaluation of existing programs and courses, and facilitation of university accreditation. Agenda items and questions may be sent via e-mail to

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Effective September 1, 2016, paper submission of curricular proposals will no longer be accepted through the curricular approval process. The Curricular Approval Request System (CARS) is available through Howdy under the "Employee" tab. For more information, please contact Curricular Services at or 845-8201.

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Master of Science in Nursing in Forensic Nursing

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Report | CLDN Requested Course Renumbering | Other Special Consideration Items and Approved Items can be found in the Curricular Approval Request System (CARS).

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