Federal Financial Aid and Degree Evaluation (Degree Plan) Information

Scholarships and Financial Aid recently released the following information:

Federal Regulations require only coursework that counts toward students degree be used in determining their hours of enrollment for federal financial aid purposes.  Courses taken that do not count towards their degree may require an adjustment to their cost of attendance and financial aid awards.

To learn more about these federal regulations, please visit the Program of Study FAQ

Student Actions:

  • Review your financial aid awards in the financial aid portal and this link to determine the number of hours required based on your award(s).
  • Go to Howdy.tamu.edu and click on the My Record tab. In the Degree Evaluation channel; click on Courses Counting for Financial Aid. Courses that are NOT counting will have a “No” in the FAID eligible column.
  • If you are registered for courses that should be on your approved degree plan, a petition to update your degree plan (long form petition) needs to be filed at https://ogsdpss.tamu.edu/ as soon as possible.

If you have questions regarding course registration and degree requirements, please contact your Academic Advisor.

If you have questions regarding your financial aid eligibility based on this requirement please contact Financial Aid.

OGAPS can assist with questions related to filing a long form petition:

  • A tutorial for how to create a long form petition can be found at this link: Petition Tutorial.
  • Once a degree plan petition is completed, it will route to your department pre-committee staff approver for review and approval, then to your entire graduate faculty committee, and then to the departmental final approver.
  • Once approved by the department and graduate faculty committee, it will be reviewed and processed by OGAPS. 
  • You will receive email notification from the system when your petition is approved.

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