The First Professional Appeals Panel (FPAP) will hear appeals regarding allegations of due process violations only, after all administrative processes related to (a) suspensions, dismissals or blocks for scholastic deficiency in a student’s academic program; and (b) appeals of disputes over final course grades have been exhausted in first professional programs (JD, MD, DDS, DVM, PharmD). 

Texas A&M University Student Rules Part III, Section 62  describe the First Professional Appeals Panel Process in detail. Please carefully review Section 62  before pursuing a grievance. First professional students are also strongly encouraged to seek clarification and advice regarding appropriate grievance procedures. The Ombuds Officer for Graduate Education  represents a valuable resource for questions regarding grievances and appeals. The ombudsperson advocates for the processes of graduate education and provides equal, open access to all parties-students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Instructions for Securing a Hearing Before the First Professional Appeals Panel

To secure a hearing with the First Professional Appeals Panel, please follow these procedures:

Complete the Form to Request a Hearing, indicating your intention to appeal to the First Professional Appeals Panel. This form must be completed and returned to the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies within ten (10) university business days after receiving the dean’s (or designee’s) letter from their Professional School notifying them of the outcome of their hearing in the Professional School in which they are enrolled.

Please direct any questions regarding graduate appeals to the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies. 

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