Appealing Disputes Over Final Course Grades

1) Eligibility to obtain a hearing before the Graduate Appeals Panel means that a student seeking a hearing has complied with all prerequisites set forth in Texas A&M Student Rules #59, briefly summarized below. Carefully review Rule #59 in detail before pursuing a grievance.

2) Begin by completing Informal Resolution Procedures:

a) Texas A&M Student Rules #48 detail the Informal Resolution Procedure regarding grade disputes. A brief summary of the procedure appears below.

b) First discuss the final course grade with the class instructor.

c) If no satisfactory resolution is reached with the instructor, or if the instructor is unavailable and the student wishes to appeal, the student shall appeal to the department head. Deadlines exist. See Rule #48 for details.

d) The student or instructor may appeal the department head’s decision to the dean or designee of the college in which the course is offered.

e) If no resolution presents, the dean or designee will notify the student, the instructor and the department head. Upon receipt of such notification, the student and/or instructor may file a formal appeal with the Graduate Appeals Panel. See instructions here.

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