Doctoral Hooding at Commencement

(Note: The University is planning in-person commencement ceremonies for Fall 2020. However, there will be no hooding component of the doctoral commencement. Instead, students and their chair (and/or co-chair) may choose to walk across the stage together, practicing social distancing guidelines. For information about the Fall 2020 doctoral commencement and/or other University celebrations, see the OGAPS webpage here and the Texas A&M Graduation Office page here.) 

Doctoral students who plan to attend commencement ceremonies have the option of requesting that their committee Chair or Co-Chair be invited to present the doctoral hood at the graduation ceremony. 
The Graduation RSVP system is used to track doctoral student hooding requests. Each doctoral student that applies to graduate will be sent an email to their TAMU email account with the link to the Graduation RSVP system approximately one month prior to graduation for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.
The Graduation RSVP system will send a confirmation email to the student once they submit their hooding request. The Graduation RSVP system will also send confirmation emails to the student, faculty and OGAPS when a faculty member accepts or denies a hooding request.
If a student plans to attend commencement but does not submit a hooding request OR the requested Chair or Co-Chair are not able to attend, the student will have their hood presented by the TAMU Dean of Faculties.
If you have any questions, contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies at

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