Blast from the Past

    Posted on Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017
    squeez-it.pngThe other day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, only to find a post “25 ways to tell you’re a kid from the 90’s”, which I immediately clicked on. I love when the memories surge back to me of my childhood, from snacks to TV shows to popular toys.

    CDs.pngThe article I came up upon really brought joy to my day. If you’re a 90’s kid you likely remember some of my favorites including squeeze it’s, POGS, dunkaroos and my original Walkman. I won’t ever forget I had this bright yellow Walkman that I used to hook to my shorts and when I was walking my dog, I’d be rocking out. I didn’t even have ear buds, instead I had bulky headphones. Now if you’re not from the 90’s you can’t appreciate the fun we used to have growing up since now kids live on technology and more advanced toys then just simply pieces of cardboard and non-internet connecting music devices. There are so many more to add to this list, I love each and every time I see one of these posts because it floods happy memories from my childhood.dunkaroos.png

    Do you ever feel this way when you scroll across some of the online articles? I never take these moments for granted, it is good to reminisce on your life and truly appreciate life itself. Next time you come upon an article or an item that brings back a memory, cherish that moment because our life is sometimes taken for granted and for many it is cut too short.

    I’ve lost many friends to death due to car accidents, drug overdose, cancer and other horrible causes. It is incidents like these that really make me take a step back and appreciate life such as scrolling across this type of article.

    Special thanks to the following 2 articles for images:

    This post is dedicated to Anita Mantri, a dear friend that was taken from us in 2016.

    Thanks and Gig’em,

    Kristen Hicks MS, RD, LD, PhD Candidate | Nutrition and Food Science

    Kristen Hicks is a PhD Candidate and Registered Dietitian in BCS who aspires to improve the health of all Americans.

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