Why I dip my Layne’s Chicken Fingers in plain KETCHUP!

    Posted on Monday, Apr 17, 2017
    Since moving to College Station, Texas I have been fascinated by the amount chicken finger establishments, yet my favorite dipping sauce is still KETCHUP. I do not care for the Layne’s secret sauce (too darn peppery, I save my pepper for a nice steak), I do not care for Cane’s secret sauce (too much mayonnaise), nor Zaxby’s, nor Dixie Chicken (do they even have a sauce?), and so on and so forth.
    Now an Aggie may ask, “how on earth could he not like the secret sauce. I give up my potato salad for that sauce, I spend 10 cents for my three extra sauces even though I still only use one sauce, and I take home the sauce wishing I could buy a bottle of the sauce from HEB, he is a 2% for sure.”
    My response to any of the above and whatever else is dreamt up is that it is ok to be unique, it is ok to be different, it is ok to determine your own preferences, your own values, your own opinions, etc. Not just in sauce choices but in life. My challenge to each of you is to be true to who you are and stick with it. Chicago tried to not let me eat KETCHUP on my hot dog and I still did it. My parents tried to not let me dip my grilled cheese in nice cold KETCHUP and I still did it. My tots always and will only go into KETCHUP.
    That being said, can anyone point me in the direction of their favorite chicken finger in town or in Texas for that matter? I will supply my own KETCHUP Until next time; this Minnesotan is still trying to figure out Texas.
    Take Care,

    Steven Metzmaker | Educational Administration and Human Resources Development

    Steven Metzmaker is a first-year Masters student in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) program within the College of Education and Human Development.
    PS I understand the base of the secret sauce is KETCHUP, but I prefer my KETCHUP plain and cold
    PS PS Anyone wanna run the Laynes challenge with me? https://layneschallenge.com It is my favorite chicken finger in College Station after all
    PS PS PS Throwback

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