"Soul" and "Karma"

    Posted on Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019
    No, this is no catchphrase to attract attention. This is in connection with the very basis of our existence and holds grounds for a lot of logic behind several events that we encounter throughout our lives.

    It is likely that if you are reading this, you are familiar with at least one of these two concepts. Nonetheless, following is a description of each in my own words (adopted from the preaching of Brahmakumaris).

    Soul: It is basically a point of light (prophesied to be like the cover image of this blog by the founder of Brahmakumaris), that has tremendous energy, is pure, peaceful, and has no trace of negativity in it. This point of light is what governs a human being’s life, abilities, strengths, fears and experiences.

    Karma: An ongoing account that transcends births and always directs itself towards equilibrium. Basically, soul is the “SSN”, your karma is linked to.

    In my previous blog, I mentioned how and why everyone is right in their perspective, even though it may be the opposite in yours. Although a vast concept, I thought I’ll introduce some aspects of the Soul in this blog.

    We have our strengths, our fears, our friendships and our hostilities for a reason. For example, there is a person having aqua phobia for no explicable reason. It is a belief in this paradigm, that the soul (the real identity of that person) has had an appalling experience sometime in a previous birth. Accordingly, the human body is a costume and soul is who you really are. You would have likely heard that “our life is a drama and we are all actors”. This concept advocates the saying.

    One might often see some siblings being brought up in the same environment and yet, are totally opposite in preferences and lifestyles. Even more so, they might have difference in how strongly they connect with their own family. The soul can be seen as a disk that records mental impressions and psychological imprints often referred to as sanskaras. You are defined by your sanskaras and that is the real unique identity you have in the spiritual world.

    To build up your strengths, you must overcome all that has hurt you or caused agony. Because it is all being recorded on your disk. Likewise, the way you deal with everyone, gets recorded as your karma.
    “What goes around, comes back around.” So will your karma.

    So, if something undesirable happens, forgive them, not for them, but for yourself. Record only peace and prosperity. Wish good for all and keep your energy positive!

    --- Sumit Hasrajani
    Sumit Hasrajani is a Masters student enrolled in Mays Business School

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