An Ode to Summer College Station

    Posted on Friday, Aug 04, 2017
    Summer College Station is sadly coming to an end, and as a way to say my goodbye to being able to park at the front of lot 50 consistently, I wrote this little poem. Enjoy the lack of undergrads on campus while you can!
    How I would long for
    One more day of empty roads
    One more day of empty campus but…
    Knocking at my door is the fall semester
    Eventually you will have to leave
    Making my soul a little more empty
    Hopefully we will meet again next year
    Or even this winter break, but I must
    Return to the crowded roads
    Northgate drowned in a sea of maroon
    Still longing for summer solitude

    Chase Pectol | Chemistry

    Chase Pectol is a second year PhD graduate student in the department of Chemistry.

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