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    Posted on Tuesday, Feb 07, 2017
    Every year over 20,000 Aggies unite together to participate in an event called “The Big Event”.  A tradition since 1982, this event is one of the largest student ran volunteer events IN THE COUNTRY. It is unreal how you can have over 20,000 Aggies come together on this day and give back to the community.

    So what is it all about? Every year any resident of Bryan College Station can “apply” to get service from the Big Event. There is no income level or discrimination by the Big Event committee, rather it is about accepting as many potential projects as we have students. The community participants request assistance on any types of projects around their house including (but not limited to) gardening, yard work, painting, building, organizing and pretty much anything else that they need help with.

    On the day of the event over 20,000 Aggies come together and get assigned their project for the day (sometimes it takes 4 or sometimes it takes 6 hours) and they go to work. It is incredible to watch the community be beautified by all the volunteering undergraduate and graduate students. When at the house that you are working on, often times the home owners are so grateful and want to get to know your story. As far as their story goes, they may not be in the best physical condition or health condition which limits them from performing the work that you are helping them with.

    In the end, it is about coming together as a community and giving back to those in need. Isn’t that what “community” stands for? I am blessed to be a part of the BCS community and specifically excited to be a part of the Big Event each year (if I’m not at a conference) to dedicate my time to making our city beautiful and helping others.

    Find out more about the big event:

    Thanks and Gig’em,

    Kristen Hicks MS, RD, LD, PhD Candidate | Nutrition and Food Science

    Kristen Hicks is a PhD Candidate and Registered Dietitian in BCS who aspires to improve the health of all Americans.

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