First Thoughts on the New Master of Jurisprudence Program

    Posted on Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018
    My present course of study in the Master of Jurisprudence program (business concentration) located at the Texas A&M School of Law-San Antonio Center, began when I attended a presentation on Immigration Compliance in Business. This was of particular interest because of my current position as Business Coordinator for the Colonias Program, a Department of the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University. In this position, I onboard outreach staff members who work in rural unincorporated areas called colonias located mostly along the Texas-Mexico border.
    Prior to the presentation on Immigration Compliance, we heard from the Director of San Antonio Programs discuss the new degree being offered in residence in downtown San Antonio. I was intrigued by the content and accessibility of this new degree and set out to apply to become a part of the inaugural class. We have about 28 students in the cohort—and none of us are going to be lawyers (unless someone pursues a JD after this program).
    All of my classmates are working professionals in a variety of industries and although we will not become lawyers through this program, a basic understanding of the law and how it affects our professions is very important. We have a variety of high caliber Professors of Law that teach the different subjects in our courses. Balancing the brief online content and the in-class presentations, discussions, and simulations augment the material we are learning.
    I’m grateful to be in the 2nd semester of this innovative Law program and look forward to learning more about how the law. 

    Mario Guel
    Mario is a Master of Jursiprudence student at the Texas A&M Law School - San Antonio Center 

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