February 2020

  • The PP Effect: How does your Place affect your Productivity

    I remember my first day at Texas A&M University’s campus. Right before my first semeste...
  • The psychology a Troll

    I have been an average social media consumer (the consumption has been on a decline) for my adult...
  • Art Therapy: How Your Inner Bob Ross Will Relieve Your Anxiety

    Just yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of going to my first SCGO (Soil and Crop Sciences Grad...
  • Why you should participate in Diversity Hackathon 2020

    The College of Architecture Diversity Council will be hosting a Diversity Hackathon (DivHack) on ...
  • The Use AI In Treatment of Depression & Anxiety

    Mental health has become an emerging issue in the world. It includes anxiety disorders, depressio...

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