Our Old Friend Procrastination

    Posted on Friday, Jul 07, 2017
    We all probably know some who puts the pro- in procrastination, I know I sure do. But what do we do to combat this response? Have you ever wondered how someone (maybe yourself) came to operate in such a manner?

    For some, procrastination comes about when they are not able to prioritize tasks or ineffectively manage their time. For others, they simply do not want to do the task. Whatever the case, there has been a time in everyone’s life where we have let things get away from us and realized that a deadline is closer than imagined.

    So what do we do to avoid that self-induced panic?

    Perhaps use a planner, and I mean actually use it instead of letting it sit on your desk for three months after only putting in your semester schedule. Every day/week write down all assignments and projects that need done. Look every day and check off items done and readjust the list to make project deadlines reflect the urgency of what is needed to be done.

    If a formalized book isn’t your thing, try keeping a list of everything that needs done. Just the physical movement of writing things down can improve our memory and ability to actually complete them instead of letting them get lost in our mind.

    If these options don’t work, how about a compromise? One where you can still procrastinate but be productive as well.

    A friend once told me that she found a way to put her procrastination in a more positive light with her assignments. When she has a list of assignments to do and doesn’t feel like starting on them, she will start with an assignment that is further out and complete it then move to an assignment that is due sooner. This allows her to get projects done but still have the joy of procrastination on a smaller assignment.

    I haven’t found a tried-and-true method to deal with procrastination but I remain hopeful. Perhaps that could be a good summer project instead of daydreaming myself at the beach.

    What are some methods you utilize to not procrastinate? How do you change focus to get an assignment done on time with plenty of notice instead of pulling an all-nighter?

    Breanna Watkins | Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communications
    Arizona native Breanna Watkins is a master’s student within Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications.

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