Texas A&M at Qatar

    Posted on Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017
    Did you know there is an Aggieland in the Middle East? Doha, Qatar to be specific and they actually go undefeated in basketball unlike their counterparts in College Station.
    In this Aggieland the 12th man leads fellow students in yells to the beat of a drum and students seemingly use Howdy more often than at main campus. A majority of aggie rings are not gold because for men it is against their religion to wear gold according to Allah. The students even take History of Texas just as a student would at main campus. The Aggie values are posted throughout the campus and instilled in the students through orientation. Inside the entryway the Texas A&M seal greets students, staff, and visitors alike.


    The most impressive thing to me about the branch campus is the maturity that the students have shown in my interactions with them.  Throughout my internship with the Department of Student Affairs getting to know the students have been the most rewarding part. We frequently have engaging dialogue about politics, differences, similarities, and just life. All without animosity or hatred. I truly think Texas A&M University is being fearless by giving the opportunity for higher education to not only Qatari nationals, but also internationals expats, and students from the Middle Eastern region. This branch campus only further cements Texas A&M University’s place in national prominence and I hope that more graduate students and undergraduate students get the opportunity to study abroad, intern abroad, or conduct research abroad at Texas A&M at Qatar.
    Until next time, this Minnesotan is still trying to figure out Qatar.
    Take care,

    Steven Metzmaker | Educational Administration and Human Resources Development

    Steven Metzmaker is a first-year Masters student in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) program within the College of Education and Human Development.

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