Row your boat, gently down the stream!

    Posted on Friday, Jun 22, 2018
    Have you ever wanted to live a dream so bad that it doesn’t let you sleep at night? Yes, that’s the beginning of this story. That’s where it all started for us. Graduate School! It was our dream. It may sound scary for many, but we are that category who finds comfort in challenging our souls to the cliff. That’s all what we wanted and we were ready to pay any price to get there, materialistic or not. And yes! Here we are. Living our dreams.
    Well, “Graduate school”, as thrilling those two words sound, the more weight they carry, you may say. It comes in a complete package. Coursework, teaching, grading, exams, sleepless nights, holidays and weekends that are indifferent to any regular workday, trips and parties you missed coz you were too vested in your project, continuously unsuccessful research results you get in return, deadlines that never stop coming, group meetings that let you down more than it lifts you up, publications that keep getting rejected. This is a challenging cruise. It’s not easy. It can be overwhelming. Quitting might be all what you want to do. And the only solution that you see as fit. But, take a moment and reminisce. 
    “Who are you?” 
    Not everyone who dream to become a graduate student can become a one. And not everyone who get the chance to become a one will become a one too. And youof all those people, made it here. You made it through the hardest part. Now you are inthis stream. And no, you don’t have to worry about swimming. You have a boat. Rented…of course, but still! All you should do is to sail it, to the bank. And when you get there, it’s going to be all yours. So, take a breath. Row on your own pace. There’s no need to rush and mess this up. Besides, you’ll see things clearer and buy yourself enough time to figure things out better when you do not over-speed. Pause then and there and appreciate the beauty of your path. Let it enchant and inspire you. 
    You know what? YOU ARE AMAZING! Yes!! You heard me correct. 
    You are the inspiration to all those kids who dream about graduate school. You are the best student of your supervisor. You are the mentor every mentee would yearn to have. You are the hope of this nation. You are the future, the navigator of this sail. You came a long way. And it’s the last stretch of your journey. Do not give up yet. Row your boat, gently down the stream. The bank is so near. And your gift awaits!
    Malsha Udayakantha
    Malsha is a Ph.D. student in the College of Science studying Chemistry

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