Posted on Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016
    I recently read Haruki Murakami’s “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His years of Pilgrimage”. This book is a classic Murakami novel that makes one keep interpreting the book days after the last page has been hungrily devoured. It talks about four friends that have colors in their names and a fifth friend who is “colorless”, and how their characters may or may not have been affected by these colors. This got me thinking and I decided to talk about my own interpretation of the colors that I see in Texas A&M University. I must put a disclaimer that the interpretations have been drawn from my own perception. However, since I am a part of the university, this is also, at least at a metaphysical level, one of the meanings of the colors.
    This beautiful color is one of the two official colors of the university. I interpret maroon as a shade of blood. It reminds me of the blood that Texas A&M alumni have shed for the country. The blood is not only physical blood from injuries and loss of lives in battles of yore, but also symbolic of the effort and sacrifices performed at every level. Today, A&M graduates are everywhere in the world and this is but a result of the severe effort that we Aggies exert in every field of life.

    Maroon is also a deep color. This is symbolic of the depth that exists in the thought process of A&M students. The Aggie core values of Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service are ingrained in every Aggie: these are values that have stemmed from a deep understanding of human nature and a deep concern for our fellow human beings.
    White is symbolic of purity. Texas A&M University instills a sense of purity in the hearts of people. For the cynic who doubts this, I urge you to visit the Bonfire Memorial and you will realize that it is pure spirits who come to honor those who passed away on that fateful night. There is no personal reason for the throngs to gather at the field in the dead of night but to pay respect. If this is not purity of spirit, I do not know what is! As Aggies, we are taught to be ethical in all that we do. This is also part of the purity of spirit that the official color, white, signifies
    The Color of Skin
    People from all races, religions, ethnicity, skin color, and countries study at Texas A&M University. If you take a walk across campus on any average day, you will see all these people walking hand in hand, laughing, sharing jokes, and basking in the positive spirit of humanity. This, to me, signifies diversity and a tolerance for humanity. We are all different and yet exhibit unity in diversity. This is what the Aggie Spirit is all about: respect for all human beings and becoming the best by sharing collective strength.
    We started as an Agricultural and Mechanical university and we are proud of this fact. It is therefore obvious that our campus is filled with greenery. I love the vast expanse of grass and fields that exist everywhere on campus. Green signifies youth and I believe that minds that are eager to learn are always young. Therefore, green signifies the desire to learn, understand, and improve. Green also reminds me of the grass around the Memorial Students Centre. We are not allowed to step on this grass as a mark of respect for those who gave their lives in service. Green is also, thus, a mark of gratitude and honor.
    Maroon and White
    As an Aggie, this combination had to be kept for the very end, for they say that the best should be reserved for last. This brilliant combination of colors stands for football. We make sure that we give every team a run for its money, win most games, and fight till the very end even if we lose some of the others. Yet, step into a football game and you will realize the power of the 12th Man as we stand, shout, wear our colors and wave our towels. We make it a point to have each others’ backs. The colors, therefore, signify spirit, enthusiasm, support, and brilliance in the football field. In a word, they signify the Aggie Spirit.

    Physics says that colors are nothing but how the eye perceives light waves, that colors can be combined and separated. I believe that colors can also be perceived by the mind. We can feel colors and let them affect us. I make sure that I stand by all that the Aggie colors instill in me and I urge you to do the same. Let the Aggie Spirit guide you.

    Arjun Chakrabarti | MBA

    Arjun is an MBA student with an intense love for music, travel, scuba diving, tattoos and public speaking.

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