Posted on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2018
    Well it is near the start of the holiday season. Halloween is just a couple days away and the two major holidays are going to be here before you know it. Here are a couple of tips for traveling and getting through the holidays. I know from experience having a traveling plan is better than to just wing it.

    Plan your trip early
    Students who live in different states know this that getting that plane ticket earlier is better than waiting until the last minute. Even three weeks out you can find great deals on plane tickets. I know when I was at Notre Dame I would do my best to fly out of Chicago. Flying out of a major airport is a lot cheaper than using a regional one. Flying a red eye flight is also another way to save on some money.  I had a friend who lived in Chicago, so I was able to give her a couple of bucks for gas and asked her to drop me off or I rode the train from South Bend, IN to Chicago then road the subway to O’Hare. If you plan early enough, you can find friends who live in Houston or Dallas and offer them some gas money to take you and pick you up from the airport. I also road tripped with friends’ home. I had a friend who lived in California and he traveled home for Christmas or Spring break via his car. I lived in Oklahoma, so he would take me home get some rest and a home cooked meal then head on his way to California. He would swing back through and pick me up. We made memories with friends we dropped off also, so we always had fun road tripping.

    Enjoy the time off with family and friends. Catch up with old friends when you go home. Talk to family members you haven’t seen in a while. I know not everyone has a great family life but still getting out of town and not thinking about school is great. I know one holiday my family couldn’t afford to bring me back home, so I stayed. I ended up going to a friend’s house for the holiday. Her family welcomed me with open arms and I ended up having a great time.
    I hope these tips help you have a great holiday season and break.

    Jon Ross
    Jon is a masters student in the Sports Management program.

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