Birds and Bees for You and Me

    Posted on Friday, Nov 06, 2020
    Photo Credit: Henry T. McLin

    Image of red flowersPhoto Credit: Jodie McVane Reisner

    Birds and bees are beautiful creatures that will give you a sense of wonder, enjoyment, and relaxation. Everyone has that sense of curiosity for the simple, yet awe-inspiring, details nature in our own communities and lives. What comes to your mind as you think about nature? Some answers that come to my mind are peaceful, wonderous, and intriguing. There is so much to enjoy watching and listening to. The quietness of nature can be calming. 
    Image of insect and flower

    Insects can also be fascinating to watch, especially unique colored ones like the blue or black pollinators. Some simple plants for attracting butterflies and pollinators are dill and fennel. As these flower, you will find they attract a diverse array of native pollinator insects.
    Photo Credit: Jodie McVane Reisner

    You can also enjoy nature everyday right from your computer.  Software companies will send you diverse nature pictures on a rotating schedule. You can even choose the ones you like the most, and they will send you similar ones to enjoy. 

    Image of butterfly and flowersPhoto Credit: Jodie McVane Reisner

    Birds are numerous in our region and can be found in every neighborhood, even if you live in apartments. The northern mockingbird is the official Texas state bird and is common in this area. My hope is that you can get outside to enjoy the birds and bees that were made for you and me. While walking the other day, I was able to stand six feet from a common mockingbird and observe singing. Their songs are diverse and unique. Spending time in nature can bring a sense of peace and relaxation for many people, and this area of Texas has many opportunities to do so. This region has many trails to enjoy like Woodcreek Park and Lickcreek Park.  Look for some details and enjoy!

    -- Jodie McVane Reisner

    Jodie is a doctoral student in the Department of Soil & Crop Sciences

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