Can We Rewind Back to Summer?

    Posted on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018
    Here we are month into school and we are all wishing that we could go back to the nice summer days. Yeah, we might have been spending all day at work, but we still had those nice early evenings to work on that nice glowing tan that is slowly starting to fade away.
    Can we go back to when the roads were empty? Back when everyone, well mostly everyone, knew that you have a protected lane to turn right onto university and Texas. Back when you could get across town in 5 minutes as opposed to the 5:00 traffic that has turned into all day traffic. Back when people knew how to get around town, there was no slamming on the brakes, no accidents every 5 seconds (or cars getting hit by trains).
    Can we go back to not having to wait? Want to go grab dinner? No problem, max 30-minute wait…now you have to plan your meals out just to make sure you don’t wait for over an hour. Want to go grab a drink? No problem, there’s no line at the bar…now you’re pushing your way through crowds, filled with a ton of people sweating.
    Can we go back to being some of the younger people in town? Summer time is the best time. All the freshmen and undergrad go home for the summer back to Mom and Dad and we are seen as the young chickens in town as the locals see it.
    Now that summer has passed we spend a vast majority of our time waiting in lines and stuck in traffic all because the young chickens have ventured back to the farm.

    Courtney Summers
    Courtney is a masters student in the Sport Management program.

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