Posted on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018

    The world so fragile, the actions of an individual could change the course of history, this story is a fallacious lie. The actions of great men are insignificant if not preserved in the minds of their followers, and to be followed one must be worth following. Now I dare not assume the characteristics of a great leader because I know that I am not one. I lack that crucial perseverance that would allow one to climb a mountain, however, I have a very particular form of creativity. My creativity is one such that if you looked upon it, you would be awestruck at its clean edges and grayscale tones, but I won't sell myself short, my creativity is intricate and deep, it is so profound, even the most intrepid spelunker would turn in fear. To give it a name is to question how a Baptist preacher can move a congregation with one prolific question, or how a therapist can entice the secrets from a liar. It is the creativity of people, to read them like so many pages of a book, to see the fire in their eyes and steer them to action. My creativity is creating the big picture.

    My creativity isn't exclusive to my outstanding interpersonal skills, I have a real passion for botany, chemistry, sketching, and writing. However, due to the types of friends, I tend to make, conversations about which enzyme substrate would produce the most light in a luciferase reaction are severely lacking. I won't fault them, though, everyone has their passion and some just make for better conversation pieces than others. Due to my inability to contribute to others conversations, I developed this creativity, where others might interject with factual information pertaining to the subject, I tend to ask: how, why, and what about from this perspective. I like to think I'm making people more considerate, but from their perspective, I could just be provoking them.

    Like all men I have a dream for the world, a vision of peace and prosperity. But due to my diminutive stature and a couple minor personality flaws, I know I don't add up to the face of a movement. Yet I am not dissuaded from realizing my dream. The world is not solely made of sharks and minnows, there are far more cunning predators in the water. To have an effect on the world, a movement must have an idea, drive, and a following. A competent leader will have to obtain all of these things prior to the realization of their dream. This is where I come into play, while I can't help with the following I can help with the idea and drive.

    Making everyone more considerate will change the world for the better. Truly a worthwhile venture, but that could take a lifetime and I honestly don't want to work for the rest of my life. If I want to change the world before I’m fifty I'll have to think in a more roundabout manner. If I can't help everyone, then I'll just have to help one.  In order to fully utilize my creativity to change the world for the better I will have to find a like minded individual, a proverbial diamond in the rough. Our relationship will be a symbiosis of charisma and moral conviction. To create an image

    Some may say that my goals lack ambition, but I know who I am. I know my capacity for success and even my capacity for self-sabotage. I know what I have to do to get what I want, and I know that I'll have to work hard to position myself so that I'm ready to catch any spontaneous opportunities. I don't need to be a leader to change the world, I only need to be involved and to give it everything I have.


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