Opportunity for International TAs in Liberal Arts

    Posted on Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018
    Are you a new or perspective international teaching assistant in Liberal Arts disciplines how has uncertainties about how to better perform your role as an educator in the classroom? Are you worried about the amount of preparation, course material drafting, and talking in the classroom while studying for your own degree using English as a second language? The good news is – we got you covered!
    The Center for Teaching Excellence – English Language Proficiency Program (CTE-ELPE) is hosting a new group for international TAs who teach in Liberal Arts. The group meet for lunch once every month to discuss common issues and concerns regarding teaching in the American classroom, and is a safe environment for international TAs to learn, listen, and support each other. Faculty members, experienced TAs, and language experts will come share their expertise with the group. Topics that will be covered in these meetings include credibility, authority, public speaking, and differences in the use of language.
    If you are interested in participating in this group, please see the time and date, and register at:
    October 11: https://u.tamu.edu/LAITA1011
    November 8: https://u.tamu.edu/LAITA1108 
    November 29: https://u.tamu.edu/LAITA1129

    Mingqian Liu
    Mingqian is a doctoral student student in the Department of Architeture.

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