Quick Breakfast for Busy Graduate Students

    Posted on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018
    Hello friends! Hope all of you are pulling through well with the start of the new semester. 
    With the mid-terms and quizzes in the corner – you might be getting busier and neglecting your food. Considering several complaints from my colleagues on how hard it is to find enough time for home-made nutritious food, I decided to blog on a simple breakfast recipe that’d only take only five minutes to get ready in busy mornings.
    What I’m going to introduce today is the recipe for my quick breakfast: Banana pancakes. You would only need three ingredients to prepare this delicious meal.
    • A ½ cup of regular oats
    • An egg
    • A banana

    Combine these ingredients and mix well into a fine batter. You can use the help of an electric mixer, blender or simply a juicer. Blending for about 40 seconds in a medium power blender would be good enough to make a fine batter out of your ingredients. This batter can be of different thicknesses depending on how ripen the bananas you use. If you feel the batter is too thick, add a little bit of water (or milk would be a good option too) until the batter is not too thick. We want the paste to be moving freely but slow on the walls of the juicer. (too much water would make it hard to make). You can also add vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, or salt to suit your taste.

    Now keep the batter aside and heat a pan. I like to use a non-stick pan since it’s easy to work with. Instead you can use a regular pan with some butter or margarine. When the pan is hot, scoop the batter (1/4 cupful) on to the pan and swirl until it makes an even circle on the pan. Cook the pancake under medium heat until the batter starts to bubble. Flip it and cook through. Repeat until all your batter is used. Your pancakes are now ready to taste.
    This recipe makes 3-4 pancakes and the total cooking time at most will be only a minute per pancake. Butter and maple syrup would make these pancakes as good as what you would taste at iHop.  
    If you are one of those people that keeps an eye on the calories you take in, this would total ca. 300 calories per serving. In combination with the balanced nutrients in oats, eggs and bananas will add extra proteins, vitamins, and minerals to this meal.

    Enjoy your delicious-nutritious breakfast!

    Malsha Udayakantha
    Malsha is a PhD Student in the Department of Chemistry

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