Time Management

    Posted on Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019
    We all have 24 hours in a day, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough. How is that others seem to make use of their time so effectively? Time management appears to often be an unattainable skill. While many desire it, few seem to have truly mastered it. As with most things, time management takes discipline and discipline requires effort. So, how can we manage our time better?

    1. Assess yourself. Are you a morning lark, night owl, or somewhere in between? Once you can determine these things you will then find when you work the best. Consequently, you will be able to organize your work around that period of time. Whenever you have that sweet spot of productivity, work on your most major assignments then.

    2. Prioritize tasks. Sit down with a calendar and map out when your deadlines are. As you do this, decide which things will require more time and which tasks are a higher priority. Organizing your work on a scale based off priority level will allow you to figure out where more of your time will need to be spent.

    3. Establish a time limit. Allocate an amount of time for a specific task to be accomplished. Time is a limited resource; therefore, you must budget it accordingly.

    4. Get rid of distractions. Making the most of your time requires focus. While it is easier said than done, removing things that can deter you from finishing your work is important.

    5. Don’t overschedule yourself. Clearly having a schedule is integral to using your time effectively. However, you should not feel the need to schedule your day down to the second. You can only do so much before you burnout!

    It may take some practice, but you have the capability to manage your time efficiently. We all have 24 hours, so what are you doing with yours?

    ---Kalifa Stringfield
    Kalifa Stringfield is a master student in the Department of Biotechnology

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