Busy, Busy, Busy: Success Tips for a Busy Student

    Posted on Tuesday, Sep 18, 2018
    A new semester begins and with that it means the countdown to Christmas break. Don’t act you haven’t looked ahead already.  I work at A&M Consolidated MS as a Texas History teacher/coach (I’m from Oklahoma and I teach Texas History go figure).  Believe me I have already looked ahead to Christmas break. As a teacher I look forward to breaks as much as I do to the start of football season. After spending 9-12 hours a day with pre-teens and teenagers I need those breaks. 

    I’m taking all online classes and have already learned a few things that help me out in my first semester of grad school. I know I’m crazy for working full time and working on my masters. I’m glad I’m not alone in that department. I have a busy schedule working full time as a teacher/coach and helping on Friday nights I help the A&M Consolidated HS football team with stats and film. When I started this semester, I had a couple of friends who gave me tips and they have helped a lot. Here are some tips for getting work done with a busy schedule.
    1. Early is better than late. If you can get some assignments done early. If your professor puts out assignments for later in the semester up go ahead and get them done.  I’m busy all week with work so getting ahead on my assignments has been a blessing.
    2. Find time to read. I remember a time before technology became mainstream. All we had sometimes to entertain us was to read. You can find time to read anywhere. Take a book into the bathroom instead of your phone. If you run on the treadmill instead of watching TV put a book up. I know at work I find time during my conference period and lunch. I always have my assignments in my bag or nearby so if I can get a couple of minutes to read I will do it.
    3. Mental and Physical health. Take care of yourself not just physically but mental. I lift weights and run to help with both. Everyone has different things that help them relax find yours. Even if you aren’t a fitness nut just do something physically to keep your body healthy. Especially grad student some of us aren’t that young anymore and our metabolisms have slowed down.
    4. Don’t forget friends and family. Yes, working on grad work is important but if you can spare a couple of hours to hang out with friends or family I believe that can do more for you than anything else. I went to my first A&M game against Clemson and just hanging out at a friend’s family tailgate was what I needed after a busy week of work and assignments for class. Having that time with friends or family can reenergize you and help you get work done.
    I do hope some of these tips do help. I know I will have to use my own advice at some point this semester. If you get overwhelmed at some point and need a couple hours away from campus or the house. Come on out to a football game at A&M Consolidated High School chances are you might catch a glimpse of me in the press box or walking down to the locker room.

    Jon Ross
    Jon is a masters student in the Sports Management program.

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