Congratulations to Mr. Anthony Sperber who won in the doctoral category of the 2015-2016 3 Minute Thesis competition and was selected to represent Texas A&M University at the regional 3 Minute Thesis competition hosted by the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools in Charlotte, North Carolina on February 20, 2016. 

Anthony Sperber - Doctoral Winner

Anthony Sperber: Doctoral Winner & Doctoral People’s Choice

Pictured with Dr. Karen Butler-Purry, Associate Provost for the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies
Department: Biochemistry & Biophysics
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Herman & Dr. Ryland Young
3MT Title: Identification and Characterization of Proteins Affecting Cell Wall Synthesis
Research Description: This research is to characterize two new proteins that act to disrupt the proper construction of the bacterial cell wall. This can result in the loss of the bacteria’s proper shape and subsequently result in cell death.

Sayyeda Marziya Hasan: Doctoral Runner-Up

The judges also selected a Runner-Up title for the competition :

Sayyeda Marziya Hasan: Doctoral Runner-Up

Department: Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Duncan J. Maitland
3MT Title: Self-Expanding Foams for Brain Aneurysm Treatment
Research Description: Development of self-expanding foams to be used to fill the aneurysm sac and form a blood clot in order to reinstate normal blood flow in the blood vessel. This research tailors the expansion time of the foams and provides control over the degree of expansion by chemically modifying the foam structure. 

Michael Young: Master’s Winner & Master’s People’s Choice

Michael Young: Master’s Winner & Master’s People’s Choice

Department: Aerospace Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Raktim Bhattacharya
3MT Title: Robotic Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Device for Trismus Patients
Research Description: This research focused on the development of a wearable robotic device to assist patients with limited oral function. Additionally, it looks at the feasibility of diagnostics for these patients.



​Kaytan Kelkar: Master’s Runner-Up


Kaytan Kelkar: Master’s Runner-Up

Department: Geology & Geophysics
Advisor: Dr. John Giardino
3MT Title: Geodetective: Connecting the Dots to Map Landslides
Research Description: This research focused on a new method to better predict landslides. 



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