Congratulations to Sarah Trimble who won in the doctoral category of the 2016-2017 3 Minute Thesis competition and was selected to represent Texas A&M University at the regional 3 Minute Thesis competition hosted by the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools in Annapolis, Maryland on March 4-5, 2017. 

Anthony Sperber - Doctoral Winner

Sarah Trimble: Doctoral Winner

Department: Geography
Advisor: Dr. Chris Houser
3MT Title: Risk of Rip Currents
Research Description: Rip currents are concentrated flows of water that form on beaches, but can be hazardous to people caught in them, and pulled out to sea. Sarah is developing a forecast and predicting system to make the public safer.

Sayyeda Marziya Hasan: Doctoral Runner-Up

The judges also selected a Runner-Up title for the competition :

Michael Moore: Doctoral Runner-Up & Doctoral People's Choice

Department: Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Paul A. Lindahl
3MT Title: Diving Into a 70-Year-Old Mystery: The Iron Pool in Mitochondria
Research Description: There is a group of iron molecules in mitochondria that are believed to cause diseases, but haven't been identified in over 70 years. Using a new method, Paul intends to identify these iron molecules.

Michael Young: Master’s Winner & Master’s People’s Choice

Michael Kalan: Master’s Winner

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Partha Mukherjee
3MT Title: Preventing Exploding Lithium Ion Batteries
Research Description: Lithium ion batteries are becoming an important part of our daily lives. There remain many poorly understood performance factors that affect lithium batteries, particularly during charging. Some of these poorly understood factors negatively affect the lithium batteries and pose significant safety concern. Michael's work focuses on understanding and mitigating these negative, dangerous factors.



​Kaytan Kelkar: Master’s Runner-Up


​Neeraj Yadav: Master’s Runner-Up

Department: Construction Science
Advisor: Dr. Julian Kang
3MT Title: Warning System for Outdoor Construction Workers using Haptic Communication
Research Description: This research focuses on creating a device tha can alert outdoors construction workers by using vibration if they are in a high risk zone and are not supposed. 


Michael Young: Master’s Winner & Master’s People’s Choice

Rayhana Sohel: Master’s People's Choice

Department: Petroleum Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Abu Rashid Hasan
3MT Title: Estimating Zonal Flow In Deep Water Assets
Research Description: In deep-water assets, oil and gas may be produced from depths greater than 15,000 ft. At that depth there are regions/zones that contain oil and regions that do not contain oil. Oil flows into the well at the zones where oil is present. Traditionally, we would only have knowledge about the total production. Through Rayhana's research, we can estimate the amount of oil produced from each of these individual zones.

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