2017-2018 Texas A&M University 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Texas A&M University’s 3MT finals will be held at the Bethancourt Ballroom MSC on November 16th 5:30-8:30pm. This is a research communication competition that was developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), which has spread to Europe and the U. S. over the last 6 years. Graduate students have three minutes and one slide to present a compelling oration on their thesis/dissertation research and its significance. 

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The finalists will be from various graduate programs across campus and will compete for a chance to win a prize of up to $1500 and represent Texas A&M at the regional competition in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Our final’s judge panel will include Distinguished Professors, Graduate and Professional Student Council, and local community leaders. Come out and support excellence in graduate education at Texas A&M University.

Master's Competition Finalists

Siva Ramadoss


Department: Construction Science
3MT Title: Virtual Reality-Based Experiential Model for Lost Historic Buildings

Emily Whitaker

Department: Oceanography
3MT Title: Bacterial Enzyme Activity in Marine Oil Snow

Doctoral Competition Finalists

Daniel Chavez


Department: Agricultural Economics
3MT Title: Hypothetical Bias: Do Real Questions Give Real Answers?

Robert Fuentes

Program: Toxicology
3MT Title: Understanding the Cellular Mechanisms of Dietary Cancer Prevention

Amit Ghoshal


Department: Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
3MT Title: Community Participation in the Mitigation of Human / Tiger Conflict

Ramatou Ly

Department: Materials Science & Engineering
3MT Title: Processing of High Strength and High Corrosion Resistance Aluminium Alloys

Vijay Rajanna


Department: Computer Science & Engineering
3MT Title: Busy Hands or Disability Cannot Stop You from Using Computers

Peer Mohamed Shafeeq Shajudeen

Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
3MT Title: Sonograms & Strain Fields in Painting a Picture of the Spine

Leily Ziglari


Department: Teaching, Learning & Culture
3MT Title: A Model of Reading Comprehension for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Hyperlexia: A New Dimension

Students who Competed in the Preliminary Competition

Doctoral Participants

Brezicha, Jessica
Biomedical Engineering

Ejaz, Iqra
Industrial & Systems Engineering

Erul, Emrullah
Recreation, Parks & Tourism

Goecks, Vinicius
Aerospace Engineering


Huynh, Phuong
Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications

Kazerooni, Nazanin Afsar
Mechanical Engineering

Key, Adam

Lou, Linjie

Modarresi, Mohammad
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Roest, Geoffrey
Atmospheric Sciences

Sipala, Maria Reimi
Geology & Geophysics

Sweet, Kayla
Educational Psychology

Vijayan, Saptha

Zhang, Yulin
Computer Science & Engineering

Zhu, Jiayong

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