2019-2020 Texas A&M University 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Texas A&M University hosted its seventh annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Final Competition on November 12th in the Rudder Forum and Exhibit Hall from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. An audience of around 100 people watched as 10 graduate students (4 master’s and 6 doctoral) took just three minutes and a single PowerPoint slide to summarize their research and its significance, showcasing outstanding communication skills and command of the room. The diverse judging panel included community leaders, TAMU faculty and the Graduate and Professional Student Council. 

3MT is a research communication competition originally developed by The University of Queensland (UQ) in 2008. Over time the contest exploded in popularity, and 3MT contests now occur worldwide at over 600 universities/institutions across 65 countries. Advancing from a preliminary round in which more than 50 students competed, finalists came from a wide cross section of graduate programs across campus and competed for cash prizes and a chance to represent Texas A&M at the regional 3MT competition in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The audience also selected 2 competitors for the coveted People’s Choice award. 

Texas A&M Today Article: https://today.tamu.edu/2019/12/17/minutes-matter-conveying-complex-research-in-180-seconds/

Master’s Division Winners

Name 3MT Title Prize(s)
Edudzi David Sallah Toko Atolia Overall Winner*; Master’s Winner
Crockett Walter Drone Precision Agriculture: Selecting Improved Varieties of Corn People’s Choice Winner
Anna Kersey Using Noble Metals to Direct Stem Cells Runner Up

Doctoral Division Winners

Name 3MT Title Prize(s)
Shivaranjan Raghuraman Green Mechanochemistry Doctoral Winner
Marcus Orzabal Do You Vape? Runner-Up *
People’s Choice Winner

 *Advances to represent Texas A&M at the Regional 3MT Competition

Master's Competition Finalists

Edudzi David Sallah (Overall Winner; Master’s Winner)


Department: Performance Studies
3MT Title: Toko Atolia

Edudzi David Sallah's Power Point Slide

Crockett Walter (People’s Choice Winner)

Department: Geography
3MT Title:  Drone Precision Agriculture: Selecting Improved Varieties of Corn

Crockett Walter's Power Point Slide

Anna Kersey (Runner-Up)

Department: Biomedical Engineering
3MT Title: Using Noble Metals to Direct Stem Cells

Anna Kersey’s Presentation

Gwendolyn Inocencio

Department: Veterinary Integrative Biosciences
3MT Title: Conflicting Nutrition Headlines

Gwendolyn Inocenio's Presentation

Doctoral Competition Finalists

Shivaranjan Raghuraman (Doctoral Winner)


Department: Mechanical Engineering
3MT Title: Wind Energy: Green Mechanochemistry

Shivaranjan Raghuraman's Power Point Slide

Marcus Orzabal (People’s Choice Winner and Runner Up)


Department: Veterinary Physiology & Pharmacology
3MT Title: Do You Vape?
Marcus Orzabal's Power Point Slide

Ricardo Borrero

Department: Anthropology
3MT Title: Iberian Shipbuilding and Design in the Days of Cutting-Edge Protoscience (1570-1712)

Ricardo Borrero's Power Point Slide

Manuel Hoffmann


Department: Economics
3MT Title: Vaccines at Work

Manuel Hoffmann's Power Point Slide

Mingqian Liu

Department: Architecture
3MT Title: People-Centered Approach in Historic Preservation 

Mingqian Liu's Power Point Slide

Katherine Vela

Department: Teaching, Learning & Culture
3MT Title: InfluencHER or BarrieHER: Empowering Female Students to Pursue STEM fields

Katherine Vela's Power Point Slide

Students who Competed in the Preliminary Competition

Master's Participants

Zahra Ghorbani- Construction Science Ramineni Krishneswar- Engineering
Edudzi David Sallah- Liberal Arts Nick Holloway- Science
Anna Kersey- Engineering Rohan Agrawal- Engineering
Athindra Venkatraman- Engineering Crockett Walter- Geoscience

Doctoral Participants

David Saenz- Wildlife and Fisheries Sceinces Yi Wang- Atmospheric Sciences
Mingqian Liu- Architecture Annaliese Dempsey- Anthropology
Rohit Kumar- Architecture Manuel Hoffmann- Economics
Aamir Fidai- Teaching, Learning, and Culture Marijo Gauthier-Berube- Anthropology
Katherine Vela- Teaching, Learning, and Culture Ricardo Borrero L- Anthropology
Ankita Bhat- Biomedical Engineering Sean Conte- Philosophy
Ineen Sultana- Industrial and System Engineering Unnati Narang- Marketing
Jaskirat Batra- Materials Science and Engineering Qi Wang- Chemistry
Jianping Li- Chemical Engineering Marcus Orzabal- Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology
Jyot Antani- Chemical Engineering Shreedevi Arun Kumar- Biomedical Engineering
Kunal Gupta- Civil and Environmental Engineering Shivaranjan Rahuraman- Mechanical Engineering
Mengying Liu- Material Science and Engineering Shaik Afzal- Chemical Engineering
Muhammad Anas- Chemical Engineering Sakina Mohammed Mota- Biomedical Engineering
Naveen Mishra- Chemical Engineering Rachit Gupta- Chemical Engineering
Ogbonnaya Bassey- Electrical and Computer Engineering Onder Dincel- Electrical and Computer Engineering

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