2020-2021 Texas A&M University 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Texas A&M University hosted its eighth annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Final Competition on January 27th, 2021 at the Texas A&M University Hotel & Conference Center. The presentations were live-streamed to an audience of over 200 people from as far away as Germany, Iran, India and Australia. Audience members were able to cheer on participants and react to presentations using the chat and reaction functions of the streaming platform. The diverse judging panel included community leaders, TAMU faculty and the Graduate and Professional Student Council. 

3MT is a research communication competition originally developed by The University of Queensland (UQ) in 2008. Over time the contest exploded in popularity, and 3MT contests now occur worldwide at over 600 universities/institutions across 65 countries. Finalists came from a wide cross section of graduate programs across campus and competed for cash prizes and a chance to represent Texas A&M at the regional 3MT competition in February, hosted by the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools. Please check out the feature in Texas A&M Today about this year’s amazing competition.

Amin Davoodi (1st Place & People's Choice)

Department: Teaching, Learning, and Culture
3MT Title: 
: Promoting Educational Equity and Access for Home-Bound Students Using Robot Assisted Learning

Amin Davoodi's Power Point Slide

Mahnoosh Sadeghi (2nd Place)

Department: Industrial and Systems Engineering
3MT Title:  Developing a Smart PTSD Monitoring System

Crockett Walter's Power Point Slide

Marcus Orzabal (3rd Place)

Department: Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology
3MT Title: E-Cig Vaping: Don’t Hold Your Breath

Marcus Orzabal's Power Point Slide


2020-2021 Three Minute Thesis Finalists

Amin Davoodi

College: Education & Human Development
Department: Teaching, Learning & Culture
Program: Curriculum & Instruction
Title: Promoting Educational Equity and Access for Home-Bound Students Using Robot Assisted Learning
Advisor: Dr. Cheryl J. Craig

Amir Esmalian

College: Engineering
Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering
Program: Civil Engineering
Title: Societal Impacts of Infrastructure
Service Disruptions
Advisor: Dr. Ali Mostafavi

Allie Folcik

College: Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Department: Food Science and Technology
Interdisciplinary Program: Toxicology
Title: Keeping Cyanotoxins Out of Your Tap!
Advisor: Dr. Suresh Pillai

Rachit Gupta

College: Engineering
Department: Chemical Engineering
Program: Chemical Engineering
Title: Restoring Balance to Health-The Bacterial Way
Advisor: Dr. Pushkar Lele

Shreedevi Arun Kumar

College: Engineering
Department: Biomedical Engineering
Program: Biomedical Engineering
Title: Sunscreen for Vaccines
Advisor: Dr. Akhilesh Gaharwar

Marcus Orzabal

College: Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Department: Veterinary Physiology & Pharmacology
Program: Biomedical Sciences
Title: E-Cig Vaping: 
Don't Hold Your Breath

Advisor: Dr. Jayanth Ramadoss

Mickey Ray Parker

College: Agriculture & Life Sciences
Department: Ecology & Conservation Biology
Interdisciplinary Program: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Title: Improving Outcomes of Conservation Translocation for Habitat Specialist Species
Advisor: Dr. Lee Fitzgerald

Mahnoosh Sadeghi

College: Engineering
Department: Industrial & Systems Engineering
Program: Industrial Engineering
Title: Developing a Smart PTSD Monitoring System
Advisor: Dr. Farzan Sasangohar

Nick Shuber

College: Science
Department: Chemistry
Program: Chemistry
Title: Shedding Light on Air Pollution
Advisor: Dr. Simon North

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