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How do I enroll in the G.R.A.D. Aggies Certificate program? 

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How do I know if an event is eligible for the G.R.A.D. Aggies Certificate program?

All G.R.A.D. Aggies events are listed on the calendar found here.
If an event is listed on the calendar but is not a .G.R.A.D. Aggies event eligible to earn a Professional Development Unit (PDU), it will specifically state “This event does not earn PDUs towards a G.R.A.D. Aggies Certificate."

What is a PDU?

A PDU is a professional development unit and is the credit system we use to keep track of your progress towards earning a G.R.A.D. Aggies Certificate. For example, a basic certificate requires you earn 6 PDUs plus do a final reflection. Events are worth 1 PDU unless otherwise noted.

Want to know your total PDUs?

Click here to request your total credits and certificate eligibility information. 

What is G.R.A.D. Aggies Day?

G.R.A.D. Aggies Day is a full day workshop with 6 sessions that can earn students 6 PDUs and the ability to walk away with a G.R.A.D. Aggies Certificate if they complete the session quizzes and final reflection. Please visit here to learn more.

According to the timeline, it takes a year to complete the Basic Certificate and another year to complete the Intermediate Certificate? How then can I hope to attain the Advanced Level Certificate, if my Master’s program lasts a duration of just 2 years?

Students have a maximum of one year to complete each level. It is possible to complete all requirements for a basic or intermediate level certificate in one semester if desired.

What happens to my accumulated credits if I do not complete all requirements for a basic, intermediate and/or advanced certificate within a year?

Those partial credits will be carried forward.

What is the cost associated with the certificate?

There are no charges or costs associated with the certificate.

There are some events on the G.R.A.D. Aggies calendar that are Academy for Future Faculty (AFF) events. Would I be able to take an AFF event and have it count towards my AFF certificate as well as my Professional Development Certificate?

Yes, students can attend an Academy for Future Faculty (AFF) event and have it count towards both certificates. Please note you must complete two separate assignments - an assignment for the G.R.A.D. Aggies certificate and an assignment for AFF. *Students are limited to using only 3 AFF events towards their G.R.A.D. Aggies Professional Development Certificate if they are also awarded the AFF Certificate.

If you have general questions regarding the G.R.A.D. Aggies Professional Development Certificate, contact grad-aggies@tamu.edu.

If you have a question about an assignment or need assistance registering for a particular G.R.A.D. Aggies event please contact the office facilitating the assignment/event:

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