Resources for Degree Completion

Degree Requirements and Information

The following pages highlight the basic necessary steps toward getting your degree requirements fullfilled. The information describes what you need to do, when and who is involved in the approval.


Click here to learn about opportunities and ways to fund your graduate education at Texas A&M University.

Graduation Requirements and Information

Click here for Graduation Requirements and Information.

International Student Resources

International Student Services (ISS)

Click here to view the ISS website and learn more about immigration regulations, funding opportunities and other helpful information.

English Language Proficiency (ELP) Portal

Click here to view English Language Proficiency requirements, information, and forms in the ELP Portal.

Select Your Graduate Committee

Selecting your advisory committee represents an important part of your graduate education.  Work with your department and the Graduate and Professional School to establish your committee as a part of your degree planning process.

The Graduate Faculty Search can assist you in selecting members of your committee.

If you already have an approved degree plan on file and need to make a membership change, please visit the Graduate and Professional School Document Processing Submission System (DPSS).

Student Forms and Information

Click here for Student Forms and Information.

Submit Degree Plan

To submit a degree plan, log into the OGAPS Document Processing Submission System.

To graduate on time, each graduate student must submit an official degree plan to the Graduate and Professional School for approval.  The degree plan formally declares your degree objective, the membership of your advisory committee and the specific courses that you will be required to complete as part of your degree program.  You will develop your proposed degree plan in consultation with your advisory committee.  The degree plan must be approved by your advisory committee members, your department head, and, if applicable, your intercollegiate faculty chairperson. For specific rules and limitations on course work and committee membership, see the Texas A&M Graduate Catalog.


Completed degree plans must be submitted to the Graduate and Professional School according the following guidelines:

  • Prior to the deadline imposed by the student's college or interdisciplinary degree program;

  • no later than 90 days prior to the date of the final oral examination or thesis defense for master's students, or 90 days prior to the date of the preliminary examination for doctoral students;

  • according to deadlines published in the Graduate and Professional School calendar and dates and deadlines documents each semester for that semester.


Once a degree plan gets approved by the Graduate and Professional School, any changes in course work, committee membership, major, degree or department must be requested by petition to the Graduate and Professional School. Submit petitions online using the Document Processing Submission System (DPSS).

Thesis and Dissertation Requirements and Information

Thesis and Dissertation Services reviews each electronic thesis, dissertation and record of study (ETD) for uniformity, consistency and adherence to University guidelines for quality. In addition, we provide a wide range of preparation support and coordinate the timely release of the ETD for public access. 

Veteran Services

Veteran Services provides students with information and financial resources to attend Texas A&M University, along with support programs that promote higher education and developmental opportunities. Click here for more information on veteran services.

Workshops and Tutorials

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