Student Grievances and Appeals Procedures

Specific procedures at Texas A&M University allow graduate students to pursue a grievance for any of the problems, issues, or concerns listed in the table below. First professional students can pursue disputes over due process. BEFORE initiating a grievance, students are strongly encouraged to seek clarification and advice regarding appropriate procedures. The Ombudsperson for Graduate Education represents a valuable resource for questions regarding grievances and appeals. The ombudsperson advocates for the processes of graduate education and provides equal, open access to all parties - students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Student Grievances and Appeals Information

Type of Grievance/Issue A&M Student Rule University Panel Handling Appeals Appeals Panel Preliminary and Formal Resolution Procedures
Discrimination and Discrimination Appeals 45 Discrimination Appeals Panel 56
Disability Accommodations in Academic Programs 46 Discrimination Appeals Panel 56
Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and/or Stalking 47 University Disciplinary Appeals Panel 58
Grade Disputes 48 Graduate Academic Appeals Panel Process (Instructions)  59
Unexcused Absences 49 Graduate Academic Appeals Panel Process (Instructions)  59
Academic Suspension and Blocks 50 Graduate Academic Appeals Panel Process (Instructions) 59
Student Conduct Separation and Appeal 51 University Disciplinary Panel 58
Academic Misconduct 52 Aggie Honor System Office
Graduate Student Examination Evaluation Disputes 53 Graduate Academic Appeals Panel Process (Instructions)  59
Financial Assessments by the University 54 Head of Department or Unit Involved  
Parking Citations 55 Student Parking Appeals Board
Disputes over Due Process
(First Professional Students Only)
62 First Professional Appeals
Panel Process (Instructions)

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