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Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts should only be submitted in collaboration with a faculty mentor, who will be named on the abstract. Students may only present once during the symposium, and only one abstract per study is permitted. For students working on a research team, the primary investigator is the only person who should submit the abstract and list the co-presenters. While all research collaborators may be listed on the abstract, research teams are limited to two presenters.

Abstracts must contain no more than 300 words and should summarize the background for your research, research hypothesis, methodology, the results you have obtained, and their significance. Abstracts will be evaluated for conciseness and accuracy of the work described. For citation formatting, special attention should be paid to the style you are using (i.e. APA, MLA).

The following guidelines are required:

  • Document Type: Microsoft Word Document
  • Title: Centered, 14-Point Arial Font, Bold, Upper and Lower Case
  • Authors' Name(s): Centered, 12-Point Arial, Underline Presenting Author’s Name
  • Affiliation(s): Centered, 12-Point Arial, Department(s) and Name of Institution(s)
  • Abstract Text: One Double Space After Author(s), Left Justified, 12-Point Arial
  • Word Limit: 300 Words or Less (excluding Title/Authors/Affiliations)

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