May 2019

  • Farewell Address: Part 2

    My farewell address blog from last semester ended with looking forward to the arrival of “A...
  • Havelock island (solo trip part-2)

    Having explored the major parts of Port Blair on day 1, I was ready to board the cruise to Havelo...
  • Andaman Islands (Solo trip part -1)

    Out of the very few trips I had without me or my luggage staying back at the airport, the trip to...
  • Things I wish I knew before starting my Master's Program

    This post is an advice to my old self, who has been working on a job for about two years and is t...
  • Advice for the Beginner Programmer

    R is a popular programming language for data science. It was designed for statistical computation...
  • BioBlitz 2019

    It was a Saturday. I was looking for any excuse not to work on my final projects. I wanted a reas...

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