Center For the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning at Texas A&M University (CIRTL@Texas A&M)

The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching & Learning at Texas A&M Unviersity (CIRTL@Texas A&M) is a founding member of the a national CIRTL Network, with over 40 universities dedicated to enhancing excellence in undergraduate education through the development of a national faculty committed to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices for diverse learners. With the support of the Center for Teaching Excellence and Graduate and Professional School, CIRTL@TAMU provides professional development in teaching resources and trainings for members of the Texas A&M University System. 

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CIRTL Eligibility and Benefits

CIRTL@Texas A&M programming is open to anyone—graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, staff or faculty - affiliated with Texas A&M University or the Texas A&M University System, looking to develop their skills as an instructor. Benefits include enhancement of your teaching skills and national recognition of participation.


What Do you Get for Participating in CIRTL? Teaching Skills Enhancement and Internationally Recognized Certificates!

Through participating in CIRTL@Texas A&M and National CIRTL Network programming, you can develop teaching skills and earn certificates for your efforts that you can add to your c.v.


There are three levels of CIRTL Certificates that demonstrate different levels of achievement in the CIRTL Core Ideas: Associate, Practitioner and Scholar. CIRTL@Texas A&M has programs that achieve each of these levels.


Associate Certificate: Describe and Recognize Value

Attaining the CIRTL Associate level certificate indicates that you have dedicated time and effort to learning best practices in teaching and learning. You are able to describe these practices and recognize their value for improving undergraduate learning. Associate level programs equip you with the skills and knowledge to be a successful teacher.

CIRTL@Texas A&M programs that attain CIRTL Associate level are:

Practitioner Certificate: Engage

When you attain CIRTL Practitioner level, you have applied best practices in teaching and learning in a classroom setting and have developed and executed a Teaching-as-Research plan for a limited project.

CIRTL@Texas A&M programs that attain CIRTL Practitioner level are:

Scholar Certificate: Advance and Disseminate

By attaining CIRTL Scholar level, you add to the community of knowledge about teaching and learning through designing and implementing a Teaching-as-Research project and defending your findings to your peers through either publication or presentation.

CIRTL@Texas A&M Programs that attain CIRTL Scholar level are:

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“If you’re considering applying to the Teaching as Research program my advice would be just to go for it because it’s an excellent opportunity. Here you get involved in planning and implementing a teaching method by doing research on the scene and if you’re particularly pursuing an academic career then my advice would be to go for this program because it will give you a boost on your CV and it will help you differentiate from other candidates.“
Ankita Bhat,
2019-2020 TAR Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Engineering
Go for CIRTL’s Teaching as Research Program! If you’re pursuing an academic career then my advice would be to go for this program. It will give you a boost on your CV and help you differentiate from other candidates.