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Texas A&M Hosts Young Scientists Ahead of Prestigious 2024 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

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The grad school arc

If you’re just starting your Ph.D., especially in a STEM field, Serina talks in her latest post about the differences between each year of a 5-year Ph. D. program.

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How the Rec has kept me afloat in grad school

Dance certainly isn’t for everyone, but for Serina, it’s kept graduate school stress at bay throughout her PhD! Read more about her experience a the Rec in her latest post.

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Empowering people through mixed reality

Mixed reality (XR) offers a definitive user interface, bridging virtual and physical worlds, with applications ranging from healthcare to education. Challenges include cost barriers and user retention issues, necessitating user-centric design solutions. While XR holds promise for social good, affordability and safety concerns remain, highlighting the need for continued research and development to realize its full potential.