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  • Engineering Career Fair!

    Get your résumé polished for the Spring 2017 Engineering Career Fair this upcoming Tuesday and We...
  • Are You a One Decimal Point or a Nine Decimal Point Person?

    Do you often look at the big picture or do you enjoy delving into the finer details of a problem?...
  • Building Teaching Skills at an R1 University

    University professors are known to do 3 things: Research, Teaching, and Service. Most of their da...
  • Knowing Alternative Paths

    There are times when you are in graduate school and everything isn’t going your way. With s...
  • Lessons learned from ASME Petroleum Division Collegiate Council

    The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Petroleum Division created the Collegiate Cou...
  • MBA Career Conference

    Texas A&M University has always been outperforming several other universities in various walk...

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