Doctoral Student Profile and Feedback System

The Texas A&M Graduate and Professional School is currently piloting a Doctoral Student Profile and System through Interfolio’s Faculty Information platform, based on two Interfolio products currently in use at Texas A&M. The Doctoral StudentProfile and Feedback System offers a simpler, more transparent student records management process for students, advisors, and faculty, as well as a rich data collection tool for department and program administrators.


Developed and implemented with convenience and utility in mind, this system is user friendly and will enable robust, customizable data collection. Students will benefit from better feedback from their faculty advisors and more easily monitor their progress toward degree, keep track of all activity relevant to their doctoral work, and generate CVs. Faculty will have a wealth of information relevant to students’ degree progress and related activities at their fingertips.  Programs and departments can customize the platform to fit their needs and can generate data, such as percentage of students with academic publications, to highlight successes and identify areas for improvement.
This system will enable better advising, guidance and clarity about the degree path for students and give faculty and administrators a one-stop-shop for generating and maintaining information about their graduate students.

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