Doctoral Student Profile and Feedback System Introduction and Overview

The Texas A&M Graduate and Professional School is proud to introduce the Doctoral Student Profile and Feedback System. The system is designed to equip students with a dynamic data management tool for collecting and curating their scholarly profile and to enable more focused, clear, and useful feedback from faculty.

Built in conjunction with Interfolio and based on two Interfolio products already in use at Texas A&M for the review of faculty, many faculty and administrators will likely already be familiar with this interface.

Instead of use just for faculty activity reporting and promotion and tenure review, however, we have adapted Interfolio to be used similarly for doctoral students.

To access the Doctoral Student Profile and Feedback System please click here.

CV Generation:

Content Upload

Like Interfolio for faculty, information about doctoral student degree progress will auto-import to the system from Compass and Banner.


Additionally, students can upload other scholarly activities, such as publications, professional development, awards, and more.



Profile Creation and Maintenance

The profile can then be utilized by students as a dossier, from which they can create custom CVs for grant applications or to submit applications on the academic job market.


Whenever students add content, the system will update their CVs. 



Facilitating Better Feedback

Faculty can access the system to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of students' records from which to base more productive student feedback and for use in doctoral students' annual review. 



Administrator Customization

The system has flexible features departments can customize to fit their specific needs and handpick the data they want the system to collect as well as import data from a variety of sources. 


The goal of the implementation of this system is ultimately to advantage students, faculty, and departments. This system will empower used by increasing transparent communication, streamlining the doctoral student review process, and collecting data to enable expanded understanding of student progress through programs.

The courses below are intended to introduce you to the Doctoral Student Profile and Feedback System and help you get started. Our goal is to make the transition to this system as seamless as possible.

Thank you for your support.

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