Student Instructions for the Doctoral Student Profile and Feedback System

The Doctoral Feedback and Profile System is a flexible, student and faculty-friendly engine for collecting and reviewing doctoral student' activities related to degree progress, such as research and teaching activities, publications, professional development, awards, and more. This easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain system gives students and their faculty committee members an all-in-one platform for conducting annual Gettreviews of students' progress toward degree in a way that is transparent and instructive for students. Additionally, the system gives students a portable dossier to curate materials and accomplishments and create CVs and will provide colleges, departments, and programs with the data they need to identify college, department, or program-wide strengths and areas for improvement. 

Interfolio's Dossier is a free online platform for scholars to collect and curate scholarly materials, request and receive confidential letters of recommendation, create CVs, and prepare for upcoming evaluations. Your Dossier never expires and we will store your documents indefinitely. 


How to Log In

You should have received a notification email that your packet is ready. If so, an account has already been created for you. You'll want to click "View Case" then enter your NetID and password to access your account. 


Accessing Your Packet

Now we land at your home page for RPT.

  • Navigation options will appear on the left.

The first thing a student should do is update their profile and activity forms.

  • Then they should go into Your Packets and regenerate their Vita to pull over the data they just entered. 

Next, most students will want to be able to find their active packet

  • If you have an active packet it will show up under "My Tasks"

    • ​Scrolling through this view you will find details about requirements and completion/submission status.

  • Click on "Your Packets" on the left navigation bar for a list of your "Active" packets.


Click "View" to read instructions for assembling and submitting your packet. 

  • Explore the Packet to look more carefully at the sections. If a due date has been set, you will see the due date for each section here.

  • Each section of the packet can be submitted once all requirements for the section have been met. You don't necessarily have to submit every section at once.

    • ​If you want to submit everything at the same time, you can check the box to select all sections and then hit the "Submit" button.

  • Generally, the best practice for deadlines is to carefully review guidelines/instructions, check the due date for all sections, and if anything seems vague, reach out to your administrator for clarification.

    • Click "View Instructions" to read instructions provided by your institution for assembling and submitting your packet. ​


  • Now that you are generally oriented in your packet and know what to do, let's talk about adding materials to your packet. 


Adding Materials to Your Packet

  • You are now in the overview, click "Packet" to see the entire packet.

  • One you are in the packet, you will see the requirements for the section as well as a blue "Add" button.


  • When you click the "Add" button, you will be given two options of how you want to add: "Choose Existing" and "Add New File".

  • "Choose Existing" is going to give you the option to select any materials from your Dossier.

    • Be sure to give documents in your Materials distinct/clear titles so that you can easily find them from this menu.

    • Notice that you can also search from here if there's something specific in your packet you are looking for.

  • "Add New File" is going to bring up a number of other options including Upload, Video, and Website.

    • Upload lets you upload files from your computer.

      • You can either just drag and drop files directly or search through your files.

    • Video gives you the option to include links to Vimeo and YouTube. You can also include links to a Website if relevant.

    • You can also choose collections or previous packets.

    • If you think that additional documents would be relevant to a particular section, but the system is not allowing you to add these documents, you should reach out to your administrator for clarification. 

  • One great thing about this system is that nothing is permanent until it is submitted. 

    • In other words, if you add a file to fulfill a particular requirement and then change your mind, at any time prior to submission you can go back, remove it, and add something else instead.

      • To do this, just click Remove to the right of the particular document.

      • You can also click Edit to change the title of a particular document.

      • In addition to changing the title, clicking Edit will give you the option to swap one document for another

    • Just to be clear, once you add something to your packet it won’t go away if you leave and come back. Everything that you add will be automatically saved.

    • Don’t worry, you don’t have to finish the whole packet at once.
  • It’s very important to note that no one from your school will be able to see anything in your packet until it is submitted.


​Submitting Your Packet

  • You can preview how your packet will appear to reviewers before and after submitting, we will come back to this in a moment.

  • It is worth re-emphasizing that nothing will be visible to the committee until it is submitted, just adding it to your packet will not make it visible to the school.

  • Lots of students want to know how to confirm that a section has been submitted. The best way to do this is to check to see if it says “Submitted” under the green circle in the packet.

    • Even if the green circle is all the way complete, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve submitted, just that you’ve added all the requirements.

    • In order to submit a section you need to actually click the blue Submit button.

  • Notice the message that comes up to confirm that you are intending to submit. This is to prevent students from inadvertently submitting a section.

  • When you submit you will get an onscreen submission message as well.

  • Once you’ve submitted a section it will be locked and you will no longer be able to edit it without your school unlocking the section.


    • If you've submitted a section and it has subsequently been unlocked but you are not sure why, you will want to get in touch with your school administrator to clarify.

      • Do they need you to add a document for example?

    • If you accidentally submit a section, reach out to your institution so that they can unlock it for you. 


​File Sharing

  • When files are shared with you, you will receive an email message prompting you to log into your account and view the files.

    • You may be able to copy these documents to your Dossier or Download

    • You can also respond if the school allows it.

    • Note that if the  response has a due date this is a HARD deadline.

    • Also, you won’t be able to edit a response once it’s been submitted.


​Packet Previewing

  • To preview how your packet will appear, just click on the blue Preview Packet button at the top of the page.


    • You can still see that all the sections show up in this view as well. Also, notice that the materials in the reader view appear in the same order as in the Packet.

      • If you rearrange the order of materials in the packet, the new order will automatically be reflected in the reader view.

    • Clicking on the title of a section will drop down a display with all the subsections and materials.

  • You can navigate through your packet by clicking on sections, or by clicking Next/Previous Material.

  • If you have a document with bookmarks that are anchored, those bookmarks will also show up in the reader view for easier navigation.

  • You can also zoom in and out for a closer view, check an option to only show submitted sections, or hide the menu.

  • Importantly you can also search.

    • Searching the documents will bring up all the instances of a particular word.

      • Clicking on the instance will jump to the correct spot in the document.



If you need any support using Interfolio, you have a few resources to help you.

  • For any technical help you need, you can contact Interfolio’s Scholar Services team at

  • You can access the Interfolio knowledge page from within the product when you select your name in the top right-hand corner and then Product Help

  • Contact the Graduate and Professional School’s Doctoral Student Profile and Feedback System team at

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