The Graduate and Professional School recognizes that there are many drivers and influences on graduate and professional students and their education.  Our goal is to ensure that every student is well supported throughout their graduate education journey.  We have created the Graduate Mentoring Academy to support excellence in graduate and professional students through workshops, training, resources, and tools for students, faculty, and staff who are engaged in all aspects of graduate and professional education.

TAMU | Graduate Education Model

Below is a draft model that was developed by our team to help understand the components of a comprehensive graduate education program.  We recognize that there are roles and responsibilities for the institution, the program, mentors, and the student and several foundational areas that may need attention at different times throughout the journey.  We are committed to ensuring that our stakeholders have access to mentoring resources and tools and are well equipped to provide high quality mentoring throughout the graduate program.


Mentoring Resources and Tools

The Graduate and Professional School encourages students and mentors to consider using the following resources to assist in ensuring the right conversations are happening at the right times.

Graduate Mentoring Academy (Workshops and Training)

The Graduate and Professional School provides graduate research mentoring development opportunities for faculty and graduate and professional students to improve their mentor and mentee skills. According to the National Academy Report (2019), “one of the most well-studied and well-known approaches to mentorship education in STEMM” is the curriculum developed by Center for Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER). We seek to cultivate an institutional commitment and collaboration with the Graduate and Professional School, the Office of the Dean of Faculties (DOF), the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), the Division of Research (DOR) as well as units, colleges, and departments to promote a culture of mentoring within and across Texas A&M University.
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