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Once a student confirms that his or her electronic thesis, dissertation, or record of study (ETD) complies with University standards and that all pre-submittal requirements have been met, the electronic file can be submitted to Thesis and Dissertation Services for review and approval. Thesis and Dissertation Services staff members review submitted files for compliance with University standards and assist students in the final steps toward completion and clearance.

Meeting deadlines only maintains a student’s eligibility to graduate; it does not ensure graduation. Students should make sure they submit a high-quality ETD that meets or exceeds acceptable standards so that it will receive approval from Thesis and Dissertation Services and represent Texas A&M University in a professional manner.

ETDs must clear Thesis and Dissertation Services no later than 1 year from final examination date.

Electronic Submittal

ETDs must be submitted to Thesis and Dissertation Services for compliance review and approval in time to meet appropriate deadlines for graduation in a given semester. The following sections provide information regarding ETD submittal:

Thesis and Dissertation Policies

Click here to review policies associated with Texas A&M University theses and dissertations.

Academic Integrity Checks Using

Thesis and Dissertation Services offers a service that enables students to self-check ETDs for academic integrity using It is recommended that each student submit his or her entire ETD through prior to submitting the ETD to Thesis and Dissertation Services. The site allows multiple and partial submissions. Students may upload single chapters or sections early in the process, and/or upload and review the entire document once the ETD is in final format. Each student should discuss the final originality report obtained from with a member of the academic committee to ensure all concerns have been addressed. Be advised that submission to does not constitute official submission to Thesis and Dissertation Services. For official submission, use the links below to access the Electronic Submittal System, Vireo.

To use, students need to login to the Thesis & Dissertation Services eCampus community and navigate to the Turnitin section. You can then select from one of several assignment folders and upload your work. For more information on

ETD Submittal

To submit an ETD to Thesis and Dissertation Services:

ETD Finalization and Clearance

Thesis and Dissertation Services staff members review each ETD for compliance with all requirements. A staff member will develop and provide a list of necessary revisions required to finalize the ETD. After the ETD is submitted electronically to Thesis and Dissertation Services, students may make only those corrections required by Thesis and Dissertation Services. Students are responsible for making all changes indicated by Thesis and Dissertation Services, meeting all applicable requirements, and ensuring that processing fees are paid. Thesis and Dissertation Services personnel are available to answer questions and assist in the final stages of clearance. An ETD is considered cleared when all Thesis and Dissertation Services corrections have been made, all forms have been submitted and approved, and all requirements have been completed. Thesis and Dissertation Services does not provide binding services but can offer information about binding vendors and processes. If the student or department wants or requires a bound copy, a list of some binding companies can be found here.

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