The following are awards given to students based on exceptional research, teaching, and/or citizenship. Students may apply or be nominated, based on the terms of each award.

The association of former students distinguished graduate student award

Each year, theAssociation of Former Studentsat Texas A&M University chooses up to 15 graduate students to receive Distinguished Graduate Student Awards in one of three categories: Excellence in Research-Doctoral, Excellence in Research-Master’s, and Excellence in Teaching. Student nominations arrive from faculty advisors or departments, and nomination represents a true honor and accomplishment, due to strenuous eligibility requirements. A panel of reviewers including faculty and administrators chooses award recipients.  

  • Nomination process (students cannot submit their own nominations) 

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texas A&M distinguished dissertation award and george w. kunze endowed graduate student award


The Texas A&M Distinguished Dissertation Award recognizes dissertations that have made a significant, impactful contribution to their discipline. We provide awards in four broad areas: Biological and Life Sciences; Humanities and Fine Arts; Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering; and Social Sciences. Among the four recipients, the Grad School will also recognize a George W. Kunze Endowed Graduate Student Award. The George W. Kunze Endowed Graduate Student Award has been incorporated into the Texas A&M Distinguished Dissertation Award nomination process. As a result, nominations for the George W. Kunze Endowed Graduate Student Award must adhere to the Texas A&M Distinguished Dissertation Award eligibility and submission requirements.   

  • $1,000 award 

  • Certificate of recognition

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montgomery award


The Montgomery Award is awarded to student leaders making major contributions to the academic opportunities and quality of life of their fellow graduate and professional students here at Texas A&M. Whether through demonstrated leadership in recognized graduate student groups or service organizations, students must show their dedication to serving Aggie graduate and professional students in addition to excellent academics and scholarship. 

  • $1,000 award 

  • Personalized award plaque  

  • Students may self-nominate 

US Senator phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship Award


This fellowship, available only to currently enrolled doctoral students at Texas A&M University, recognizes scholarly excellence. The Gramm Fellowship was established to promote, encourage and reward outstanding teaching and research by doctoral students whose command of their respective disciplines exemplifies the meaning of scholar/mentor in the highest sense. 

  • $5,000 award 

  • Limit of two (2) nomination submissions per IDP

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